Trump Voter Arrested For Waving Gun During Pro-Immigration Rally, Police Find AR-15 In Truck

Two supporters of President Donald Trump were arrested in Portland, Oregon after allegedly flashing a firearm at a crowd of immigration protesters on Monday night.

The incident took place in downtown Portland, at a pro-immigrant rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza. According to police, a man driving a massive dark tan pickup truck decorated with both an American and a Trump flag, drove up to a group of protesters. Police say the passenger “displayed a handgun as the driver passed a peaceful demonstration in the park.”

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The truck was pulled over just two blocks from a rally decrying President Trump’s immigration (Muslim) ban which he executed via executive order on Friday. The ordered called for the “temporary” ban on people entering the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries as well as a ban on Muslim Syrian refugees. However, the president did indicate that he would be inclined to give Christian Syrians special consideration.

When authorities pulled the vehicle over, after a brief search, they discovered an “AR-15 style rifle” located in the back of the truck. However, after further examination of the weapon allegedly flashed by the passenger, police discovered that it was a BB gun. Police arrested the passenger, 20-year old Sergey E Antonov of Battle Ground, Washington and booked him with on count of second-degree disorderly conduct charges. He’s set to be arraigned on Wednesday at 1:45 pm.

After covering the rally, the Portland Mercury witnessed officers removing Trump and US flags from the back of the Truck as officers searched the vehicle. Witness told the paper that they saw officers remove the rifle before they arrived on the scene.

However, a witness appears to have captured this image with his or her cell phone just before officers took possession of the weapon.

Image via KATU

Image via KATU

Incidentally, officers discovered that the rifle, which was temporarily “taken for safekeeping” by police, belonged to the driver who wasn’t charged with a crime.

This incident is yet another example of how Trump’s managed to kick over every rock in America to release some of the most creepy and disgusting social parasites that society has to offer. Don’t be surprised if the National Rifle Association doesn’t raise hell over police touching his precious assault rifle.

Featured image via KATU and Twitter

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