Trump Surrogate’s Excuse For Trump’s Sex Assault Brag Is So Bad That Sally Kohn Can’t Take It (VIDEO)

There’s no saving Betsy McCaughey from the things that come out of her mouth. She tries to make the same pathetic argument that all of Trump’s supporters have been making since Trump’s sexual assault comments last week. It was just vulgar “locker room talk.” The problem being that what’s wrong with Trump’s comments is not that he has a foul mouth. That’s almost encouraged in the 2016 election cycle. The issue is that Trump seems to be confirming to Billy Bush while the two were alone in a bus, that he engages in sexual misconduct and is proud of it.

We all suspected that he was guilty of this sort of thing. There have been plenty of women who’ve come forward alleging that he tried to touch them when no one was around. There was even one woman who suggested that he raped her when she was only 13 years old. The problem is that all of those cases are old and can’t really be substantiated beyond the testimony of the accusers. But last Friday’s audio recording has Trump describing his nonconsensual advances as if they were personal achievements.

“And they let me do it,” he says. Betsy even tries bringing up the women that Mr. Trump brought with him to the last debate, calling them heroes. Unfortunately for her case, CNN was armed with video footage of Trump calling all of these women ugly losers back in 1998.

At no point during the entire interview is McCaughey able to address the questions posed either by Sally Kohn or by CNN. She simply returns to her crumbling monologue. “Trump loves women,” “he thinks these women are heroes,” and something about “the PC police.” It’s hard to watch but I think you’ll get through it:

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Featured image via Youtube Screen Grab

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