Watch CNN Host’s Brain Die As Trump Supporter Explains How God Is Handling Trump’s ‘P*ssy’ Comments

CNN brought a Trump voter on to talk about the candidates sexualized comments from last week. After a series of diversionary tactics including the ‘boys will be boys’ argument and a reference to Bill Clinton’s sexual scandal in the 90’s, she just gave up and admitted that Trump was a terrible person and against everything that she stood for.

But given all of that, she was still adamant that “this is the kind of person that needs to lead our country.” “God can use anybody,” she continued, “he used the harlots.” She ten paused for a few tense seconds trying to regain control of her strange line of reasoning. By this weird logic, it doesn’t matter who we elect as president. If God can “use anyone” then why not use a real politician with real experience like Hillary Clinton?

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Or better yet, if God can use anyone to force a positive outcome, why hasn’t he already used Obama to do all of the sorts of things that this woman believes need to happen in America? Both anchors were left speechless alternating between short bursts of laughter and looks of sheer silent amazement.

This is the mindless underbelly of American politics that still remains in loyal support of Donald Trump. There is no line of reasoning that will lead them away from what they already believe because they live in a different universe from the rest of us. Luckily, based on the most recent polls, there aren’t enough of these idiots to actually win Trump the election.

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