Trump Supporter: America Was GREAT Before ‘The Homosexuals’ And Women’s Rights (VIDEO)

Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation with host John Dickersona Donald Trump supporter said that she’s counting on her candidate to return “morality and values” back to America – by turning back the clock on LGBT and women’s reproductive civil rights.

After the third presidential debate, Dickerson asked a group of Nevada voters why they supported either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.

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A Trump supporter named Barbara explained how she was motivated by “morality and values” more so than any solid issues affecting the lives of her fellow Americans.

“Based on what the country was based on,” she said. “I think that the laws that Obama has passed, the way the country has — I call it down turning. Some of the other people are proud of it and happy for it. I personally am against it, the homosexuals, the abortions. All the stuff, I am against.”

“When Donald Trump says ‘Make American Great Again,’ is that what you hear?” Dickerson wondered. “That it’s going to go back to before the time that you’re now describing?”

“That’s part of it,” Barbara agreed.

When asked what she would say if Clinton were elected as the next president in November, the Trump supporter replied, “Oh no.”

“She needs prayer,” she continued. “The country always needs prayer.”

Barbara represents the unfortunate, embarrassing reality of the current U.S. electorate. Far too many people like Barbara have elected sanctimonious neocon blowhards based solely on their ability to say “Merry Christmas” and “Islamic Terrorism,” all while promising to take America backwards through time.

Republicans like her and Trump have absolutely no regard for the lives of people within the LGBT community nor the lives of the thousands of women who would otherwise be dead or horrifically maimed without legal abortion.

They see the world through a prism of a twisted “moral standard” to which they themselves could not live up to.

Sorry Barbara, but we are not going back in time so you can just go back to watching Fox News and the 700 Channel as your fellow Americans move on without you.

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