Transgender Woman Is Viciously Attacked By PSYCHOPATH On New York Subway

The argument over who should be allowed to pee where continues to rage on. The rise in bigoted rhetoric against the transgender community has real life consequences though. Not at all surprisingly, many people are now under the impression that it is perfectly acceptable to verbally and physically assault a stranger in public if you question their genitals.

This is exactly what happened to Pearl Love, a trans woman who says she works as a social worker for an LGBT organization. Last Thursday, she was  heading home on the subway in Manhattan when her commute took a harrowing turn for the worse.

As love was just sitting in her seat, the woman across from her launched into a vicious and profanity-laden rant, denigrating Love for being transgender. The psychotic bigot hurled slurs and obscenities at Love, and continued even when she started filming the incident. After working herself into a hate-fueled frenzy, she gets up from her seat and slaps Love at least twice.

So far, it doesn’t seem that Love has filed charges, although she certainly should because her attacker deserves to face the consequences of committing a hate crime.

Watch this disgusting display of violence and bigotry here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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