Tony Perkins Thinks Gay Marriage Will Result In Out-Of-Wedlock Births (VIDEO)

Opponents of marriage equality have never had good arguments. They’ve argued that marriage is about procreation, yet none advocate disallowing older people or infertile people from marrying.

They argue that it’s bad for the children but not a single piece of evidence backs that up.

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They argue that marriage equality redefines marriage, but marriage, like most institutions, has evolved throughout history. It wasn’t that long ago that men could marry multiple child brides.

The nuttiest of anti-gay marriage advocates have blamed gay marriage for everything from terrorism to weather patterns.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has long been a spokesperson against same-sex marriage. In an interview with the Washington Examiner on Saturday, Perkins said that he hasn’t given up but perhaps the craziest thing he said is that marriage equality will result in more out-of-wedlock babies.

Let that sink in for just a moment while you try to figure out how that might work.

“We’re going to see the impact on marriage as we’ve seen in some of the Scandinavian countries,” Perkins, pulling old debunked data out of a hat, continued.

“It means we’re going to see more children born out of wedlock,” Perkins insisted.

When pressed on that claim, Perkins was forced to backtrack, stating, “any policy step – like you go back to no-fault divorce – we have seen this escalation in out-of-wedlock births, we’ve seen the deescalation of marriage rates as a result of policy changes that move away from the historic meaning of marriage.”

Source: New Civil Rights Movement

Here’s the video (beginning at about 5:40):

As more same-sex couples marry and people see that the world doesn’t end, of course acceptance will follow, but people like Perkins, who live their lives focused solely on two issues: “traditional marriage” and anti-choice, will begin to seem more and more absurd.


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