Toddler Shoots Grandma With Revolver Found In Back Seat Of Car (VIDEO)

A family in Rock Hill, South Carolina is extremely lucky after a 2-year-old boy shot his grandmother with her sister’s revolver while riding in her car. Fortunately, the 40-year-old grandmother has survived the shooting and is expected to recover.

NBC News reports that the toddler was sitting in the back seat of the grandmother’s sister’s car, sans a child safety seat, and found the .357 revolver in the back pocket of the passenger seat. He then pulled the trigger of the unsecured weapon shooting his grandmother in the back.

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The most shocking part about this story isn’t the fact that a “responsible” gun owner would keep a loaded deadly weapon so casually in a back seat pocket or that said gun would be stored in that manner without the safety on. It’s not even the fact that a 2-year-old was placed in a vehicle without a proper car seat.

No, the most shocking part is the fact that even after her gun was found by a child and used in an accidental shooting — she still avoids personal accountability. Here are just a few of the quotes from her interview with NBC affiliate WCNC:

This mistake could have happened to anyone.

Really? It could happen to anyone? I don’t think so. I know a few scenarios where it absolutely wouldn’t happen. First, a truly responsible gun owner doesn’t store a weapon in their car in this manner. Period. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t normally transport children (or anyone) in the back seat of her vehicle. What if someone broke into her car? Is an unsecured weapon not a jackpot for someone looking to score items to steal?

Legal guns quickly become illegal guns when “responsible” gun owners shirk their responsibility of keeping their weapons secure!

Secondly, it is possible to own a vehicle and a gun and not always have a gun in the car. Seriously, it can be done. What are we living in the wild, wild west? Are we really living in such a dangerous time that we must be armed to the teeth to save our own lives? This constant paranoia really isn’t healthy, America. It just isn’t.

It looks crazy on the outside. You know, irresponsible gun owner.

Yes, exactly. Yet another irresponsible gun owner. But wait. . . this isn’t her admittance of being an irresponsible gun owner — she’s just pointing out that the perception could be that she is one. She goes on to say:

He’s infatuated with guns, I didn’t know that, I wasn’t thinking.

While it is possible that a child who has lived on this earth for a mere two years may be infatuated with guns, who allowed that to happen? The adults in his life. My two-year olds were never “infatuated with guns” — they didn’t even know that guns existed at that age! They liked DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba and their “bankbees” were their most prized possession. They were still in diapers!

More than likely the tot wasn’t infatuated, he just happened to pull it out of the pocket and hit the trigger.

Possibly before anyone gets into a car, ask them if they have a gun. Ensure that your child, who’s getting in there, family member or not, that they are getting into a safe place.

Because isn’t that always the way with these types of “responsible” gun owners? Everyone else should know how to deal with their gun ownership. Everyone else should be asking the questions and protecting themselves. Hell, it should just be assumed that everyone packs heat like they do, because it’s ‘Merika and that’s just what we do here, right? No!

I don’t carry children. I drive a two door car. I don’t have people in my backseat, ever.

Except, when you do. And, he pulls out a gun and he shoots your sister.

I could be in prison now. You know, a college graduate degree in social work. Getting my license in January. I could have been in prison today with everything lost behind me.

And here we go. The main concern — her future. Her life. Her protection. Isn’t this the root of this issue?

Look, I have no problem with truly responsible people who are educated about fire arms owning fire arms. However, this idea that every single human being has an unalienable right to own a weapon capable of killing another human being is absurd. This individual should not be permitted to own a gun. She clearly does not understand the extent of HER responsibility with such a weapon.

If a person is convicted of irresponsible car ownership, their license to drive a vehicle is revoked. Classes are required. Testing to operate a motor vehicle is required. One cannot just go out, purchase a car, get behind the wheel and drive.

If only gun ownership was held to the same standard for the sake of public safety.

Watch the video below via NBC to hear this “responsible gun owner” shirk her responsibility for the shooting:

Featured image via video screen capture

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