This Meme Posted By Numbskull Sarah Palin Is The Epitome Of Hypocrisy (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Looks like Sarah Palin is drunk again. The infamous Alaskan quitter took to The O’Reilly Factor, Wednesday, to defend what could be the dumbest, most hypocritical and insensitive meme ever created. The meme, posted on Palin’s Facebook page and sent out on Twitter, took a stand for the 90,000 “black babies” that Planned Parenthood “kills” every year by comparing the organization to the Confederate flag, which hasn’t… killed… any… black babies…

Yes, that’s really the message, I think, unless putting the Confederate flag next to the Planned Parenthood logo and asking which one kills more black babies has some other meaning:

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The absolute best way to bring attention to what you consider an atrocity against black people is to talk about how benign a symbol of white supremacy and slavery is. Just ask Sarah Palin, dumbest person alive.

Palin’s interview with O’Reilly is quite telling. She denounces Planned Parenthood right before she and O’Reilly denounce people who care about lions, because that’s relevant. Then back to Planned Parenthood, where she accuses them of setting up “shops” in impoverished neighborhoods so they can “target” black women for abortions and sell their fetuses for huge profits.

Palin says more than 80 percent of Planned Parenthood clinics are in poor neighborhoods, never once considering that a non-profit organization dedicated to serving women who can’t afford health care might just do the most good in the neighborhoods those women live in.

She then talks about how easily all those women targeted for abortions could just have babies and return to their lives. They could still work, go to school, or heavens to Betsy, they could put the kid up for adoption, youbetcha. She doesn’t mention how the first time mom needs a hand with some childcare or maybe some food she’ll be demonized for being a poor and lazy “baby mama” who made poor choices in life.

That would be shortly after Palin and her ilk came and made those choices for her if given their way.

But alas, there’s always adoption. Everyone wants a perfectly healthy blonde-haired, blue-eyed white baby, so no problems there.

Sarah Palin really is this dumb. The first politician to come by and try to make her relevant again somehow should be drawn and quartered and sent to Canada to live with the Cruz family.

Watch Sarah Palin’s ridiculous interview with Bill O’Reilly on Planned Parenthood and Confederate flags:

Featured image via  YouTube screen capture

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