This Is The ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. President’ Video You Don’t Want To Miss (VIDEO)

Here’s a historical date you’ll want to mark in your calendar for future reference: August 4, 2016 – President Obama turns 55-years-old, making him eligible to join AARP and get free checking with no minimum balance.

How do we celebrate who may be the most loved Democratic president since…well, we love all of our Democratic presidents, but seriously, we love this guy just a little bit more. The dignity and grace he restored to the Oval Office after the disastrous embarrassment that was the Dubya administration restored our respect in the international community. His firm hand on terrorism managed to accomplish far more than Bush and his wars for profit could ever have dreamed of. He brought our economy from the brink of disaster to a strong and robust new beginning that has many of actually looking forward to watching our children grow and enter the workforce.

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President Obama is a great man. That’s the bottom line. So, Mr. President, on this, your first birthday as a bona fide senior citizen, we thought we’d share with you the perfect video. Thanks to The Root for putting this together; it’s perfect:

Featured image via Ellentube

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