This GOP ‘Women’s Rights’ Leader Is A Rape-Shamer Oblivious To Her Own Cause (VIDEO)

So many people, including readers of this site, like to make the claim that both parties are the same. I could (and likely will) spend a considerable amount of time highlighting the numerous ways both parties are not the same, but for now let’s talk about women’s issues, where Democrats are literally centuries ahead of Republicans.

Not only are Republicans against basic equal rights for women, they promote the idea that rape and other types of assault must somehow be triggered by women. Case-In-Point is Sabrina Schaeffer, the executive director of the Independent Women’s Forum. The forum alleges to be non-partisan, but they are in many ways the women’s wing of the Republican party. Their solution for women’s rights is to promote the free market – yes, really.

Schaeffer, in a roundtable discussion on PBS, expressed concern about violence against women, as she should, but she, as most Republicans do, blamed the victim. From Raw Story:

“I would add to that the oversexualization of women,” she opined. “We often talk about it as male violence against women, but it’s also sort of the way that we encourage young girls to be oversexualized in a way that I think should run counter to the third wave feminism.”

Let me just say that if “oversexualization” of girls causes rape, there would be no rape whatsoever in countries like Saudi Arabia, where women are completely shrouded.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via video screen capture. 

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