This Couple’s Kiss-Cam Kiss Provoked A Reaction That Might Not Have Happened A Year Ago (VIDEO)

Something extraordinary happened at a Los Angeles Dodger game on Saturday. No, it had nothing to do with baseball. The extraordinary event was on the Kiss Cam.

The camera panned to two men after a series of straight couples and instead of awkwardly giggling, the two men kissed. The extraordinary thing was that it seemed so normal and the crowd went wild with cheers.

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Here’s the video. It starts at about :28.

Of course, this was California. There’s no telling what might have happened if the game was in another part of the country, but even baseball fans in California aren’t immune from homophobia.

When the Oakland A’s announced an LGBT night, something most teams have, fans began complaining, but that didn’t deter Eireann Dolan, who grew up with two mothers, and her pitcher boyfriend, Sean Doolittle, from raising money to buy all the seats left empty by bigots.

Perhaps this all shows that while LGBT people still have a ways to go for full acceptance, they are nearing the end of the road.

Featured image via YouTube video.

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