This Brave Kid Reads Messages From His Bullies In A Heartbreaking Video To Help Others (VIDEO)

Social media has sent the world of bullying into the stratosphere. It used to be a bully was a kid at school or at the playground who was bigger than you with self-esteem problems pushing you around to make himself or herself feel better. Nowadays the kid doesn’t have to be bigger, stronger, or have the kinds of issues the typical bully did when we pre-millenials grew up. All the kid needs is a mean heart, a lack of compassion and a device that connects to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or a slew of other social media sites.

Logan Fairbanks, 11,  and his dad Josh make YouTube videos of their pranks on each other, the fun they have together, and general tomfoolery, according to Where the fun ends and the viewers take over, the hurtful comments begin. While his father tried to shelter him from the comments, Logan eventually saw them, and the hurt they caused became obvious. That’s when Josh agreed to make this video, and you can tell that by the end, after reading what the monsters who commented had to say, that Logan was truly hurt and ready to break down.

People will say he should just turn off the comments, or that he should brush it off, as is his own advice to others. He shouldn’t have to. Part of the fun of making a video for kids these days is reading the feedback from others. While the kid probably got plenty of smiles and chuckles from comments by people who aren’t cruel bastards, the negative ones are obviously an issue for him.

At least he’s being strong and hitting it head on.

Watch this 11 year old’s bravery as he reads hateful comments from his bullies.

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