This 2-Minute Video Shows How Subtle Sexism Exists In Things Women Are Told

HuffPost Women has posted a video that is touching nerves among men and even some women. The video portrays things that women hear throughout their lifetime that men do not. It has prompted some ugly comments from the men’s rights guys, as you’d expect. Because women can’t ever have something about them that these men don’t get pissy about. They feel left out, I guess. Welcome to our world.

Here is the video, which shows how subtle sexism follows women throughout their lives:

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When we’re young, comments like “Aren’t you pretty?” and “Don’t be bossy,” start the barrage. As we get older and enter puberty, we’re told not to “distract the boys.” As if boys are exempt from responsibility for their own actions.

Our words and actions are controlled by our menstrual cycle, some wrongly think. As we age, we are told not to try to look younger, even though that is how our society prefers women. If an older woman dates a younger man, she’s a “cougar,” even though an older man with a younger woman is seen as a victory for the man. Donald Trump, anyone?

Old women are marginalized. Our society doesn’t want to see them, to be reminded that we do, indeed, age. Old men are catered to – in America especially, with ED pill ads and other various “fixes” for their aging bodies. Women are just left to get old and talked to as if they were children, if at all.

The men’s rights guys are butt-hurt by this video. They whine that they could “name 50 things that only men will hear in their lifetime” or that “There’s plenty of shit men hear that women won’t too.” They are not wrong, but what men hear supports their masculinity, while what we hear demeans our femininity, more often than not. This comment below the video brilliantly tells the whining men what’s what:

Men stop trying to make this about you. This is what women go through. If you want to make a what is said to men then make a video about it. No one is stopping you. Stop crushing the dialogue. Your mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, and more importantly daughter, or future daughter may go through this. This is the time to look, listen, and learn what someone else is going through. Not compare. Not to say well men do this or not all men… Learn about someone else’s struggle before ranting and raving about how unfair it is.

It’s not just men who say these things either. Sadly, women say these things to other women. The thing is to be aware that what we say has weight, no matter to whom we say it. This video points out that sexism is subtle but still present. Maybe it can help stop it, if only one word at a time.

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