This 1950s Father’s Reaction To His Gay Son Coming Out Will Blow Your Mind (VIDEO)

In 2015, after gay marriage is fully legal across the nation, after Hollywood and the business world have begun to embrace gay people, being a young, gay person is still difficult.

LGBT bullying is still a common occurrence. There is still discrimination from many, including many of those running for president. The worst for most gay teenagers, though, is to come out to their families. For some lucky teens, their parents offer support and love; but, for those who aren’t so lucky, they can even find themselves homeless before their 18th birthday.

For gay teenagers in the 1950s, though, there was no legalized same-sex marriage. There were no openly gay people in Hollywood or in the political arena. Most Americans lived in denial that gay people even existed because most gay people were afraid to live their lives as who they were.

Even then, though, there were enlightened people and for one gay teen, his coverall-wearing, farmer father had a response that the man still brags about today with this animated video:

Featured image via video screenshot

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