Think Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking? Think Again. (VIDEO)

Like he’d done so many times before, when things quieted down at work, James Lauria went outside for a cigarette break. And like so many people have been doing, James had changed from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, or “vaping.”

According to, “vaping” is “95% healthier and 40% cheaper than smoking.” James Lauria might tell you something different. When he went out to “vape” on his break, his e-cigarette literally exploded in his face pushing one of his front teeth up into his gums, perforating the roof of his mouth, fracturing his neck and one of his fingers and leaving assorted burns on his face, cornea and hands.

He was rushed to the hospital and spent a week in the intensive care unit.

According to Fox5, it’s been six weeks since the incident and James is still on a liquid diet and will be fitted for a prosthetic in order to attempt to heal the hole in the roof of his mouth.

James and his family want to get the word out that e-cigarettes are dangerous and potentially fatal. Ed, his father, said:

If us getting the word out prevents e-cigarettes from injuring another person. I would say we have done a good thing at this point.

Watch the horrific injuries he sustained here:

Featured image via video screen capture from the video above.

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