These Shoes Could Save Millions Of Children’s Lives Across The World (VIDEO)

Children in the developing world have so many needs that children in our own country take for granted. While even poor children generally have access to cheap shoe stores or thrift store shoes, children in the poorest parts of the world don’t even have that.

Not having shoes leaves children vulnerable in a number of ways. There are the obvious hazards on the ground like sharp rocks or broken glass, but there are also not-so-obvious hazards, like parasites and fungi.

Some shoe manufacturers, like TOMS, are addressing the needs by sending one pair of shoes to a needy person for every pair sold. The problem, though, is that for growing children, the shoes don’t tend to last long.

Fortunately, one company has found a solution. They offer only two shoe sizes; each adjusts five sizes, will last five years, and each pair only costs $10.

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Here’s their video:

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