The GOPocalypse™ Continues: Ted Cruz Tells MTP That The GOP Is The Problem With America (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz was back on Meet the Press on October 18, once again showing that he just doesn’t get it. Cruz sat down with host Chuck Todd for a 30 minute interview. Why on earth Meet the Press would want to spend half of a show talking to the Canadian-born senator who is running for president is anybody’s guess. Currently, Cruz is tied for fourth among GOP primary voters, well behind front-runners Donald Trump and Ben Carson, according to Real Clear Politics. But there he was, showing the nation once again why none of the other kids like him.

Todd starts out by observing that the best way for Cruz to advance in his campaign for president is to win over voters that are currently supporting Trump and Carson. He asks Cruz how to do that. Cruz responds,

I’m very encouraged with where we are right now. Because I think what we’re seeing every day is conservatives coalescing behind our campaign.

Maybe. Real Clear Politics’ average of major polls shows a mild uptick in support for Cruz in recent days, but his popularity with voters is still below where it was in the spring and shows very little sign of significant movement.

Being raised in a Cuban/Canadian/American household, Cruz apparently never learned that to win in Washington, you have to get people in your corner. Because what he manages to consistently do is chase away others who have the power to help him. He does that again in this interview, by attacking his fellow Republicans. Cruz says,

The truth of the matter is Republican leadership are the most effective Democrat leaders we’ve ever seen. They’ve passed more Democratic priorities than Harry Reid ever could.

That’s a bold statement — and, of course, he doesn’t elaborate — since he can’t point to a single piece of legislation where GOP leaders have done what he claims. But this is what we’ve come to expect from one of the biggest serial liars in Washington. Of course, the ever agreeable Todd doesn’t press him to provide examples to go along with his statement.

Todd says that he is trying to figure out how Cruz is going to unite the GOP. He then reads a litany of comments from other Republicans about Cruz:

Senator Lamar Alexander said this about you. ‘In Kindergarten you learn to work well together and play by the rules. Another thing you learn in Kindergarten is to respect one another.’

Senator Orrin Hatch: ‘Squabbling and sanctimony may be tolerated in other venues or perhaps on the campaign trail, but they have no place among colleagues in the U.S. Senate.’

John McCain: ‘I would never contemplate going to the floor of the Senate impugning the integrity of another senator. It’s just not something we do here.’

Cruz’s response? Laughter.

Is Ted Cruz clueless, egomaniacal, or some combination of the two? He just doesn’t get that the other Republicans don’t like him. And if a group of people, most of whom are as crazy as he is, don’t like him, what chance does he have with the voters he will need to win a general election? He doesn’t seem to appreciate that winning the GOP base doesn’t translate into being elected president.

Here’s the interview, from Meet the Press:

Featured image via Meet the Press screen capture

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