The Full Recruitment Video For White Barbie Dolls That Sorority Doesn’t Want Seen (VIDEO)

The University of Alabama chapter of the Alpha Phi sorority has come under fire for releasing a recruitment video that shows a slew of white girls looking like Barbie dolls jumping up and down. While the conservative right sees nothing wrong with a group of young women objectifying themselves and glamorizing the party life of college, reasonable people suggest it displays a dangerous lifestyle and promotes a homogeneous, racially biased preference in recruits.

The backlash from reasonable people, who far outnumber the old men who watch Fox News and think this video is a perfect depiction of what a woman should be, was so severe the sorority had to delete it, along with their entire Facebook page and Twitter feed.

So what was so horrible about the video? You have to see it to understand, but since the sorority decided to delete it that hasn’t been possible. Until now that is.

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Watch the deleted recruitment video Alpha Phi doesn’t want you to see.


Featured image via video screen captures

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