The Duggars Want A New Show Where They Counsel Abuse Victims Because They’re Such Experts

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are probably known right now as the worst parents on the planet. After they failed their own daughters by allowing them to be repeatedly be molested by their brother, Josh, they failed their brand by making fools of themselves in an interview with Megyn Kelley.

The scandal has been disastrous for the Duggars. Discredited for being hypocrites as Christians, cancelled for covering their son’s heinous crimes and staring down the barrel of raising the rest of their kids with the salary they made being famous for nothing, the Duggars will have to look elsewhere to make a living.

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Most people would leave that spotlight, tails between their legs, and look for something else, hoping some day to be free from the scrutiny of the public eye. Not the Duggars. The Duggars are so delusional about how much better they are than everyone else that they honestly believe they should have another reality show.

Another reality show counseling victims of sexual abuse.

Let that sink in. Are you laughing yet? Perhaps you went the other way and it made you cry. It is very disturbing, no matter how it affects you emotionally, because these people sat on national television making excuses for a child molester who “only touched them over the clothes.” Except when it was under the clothes, but that was “only for a few seconds.”

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According to the Progressive Secular Humanist, the Duggars have in fact pitched the idea to network executives. They’re hoping the upcoming one hour special where there daughters will again talk about how sexual abuse is no big deal if its your brother and you were asleep – most of the time, could propel the fallen failures back to the super stardom they’re accustomed to.

That’s never going to happen, but it’s nice to see they’re ambitious. With a little bit of luck the upcoming special will be the last time we have to hear about the Duggars at all. That is, until the statistics pan out and one of their children turns out to be gay.

H/T: Raw Story | Image: Screen capture

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