Thanks, NRA: More Americans Will Be Killed By Guns Than Cars (VIDEO)

I’d like to introduce this post with a joke: an ammosexual and an anti-Vaxxer walk into a bar. The ammoseuxal accidentally shoots the anti-Vaxxer, and the anti-Vaxxer dies because he refuses the Tetanus shot. Okay, now onto our intellectually, culturally bankrupt cesspool of a nation.

You know how I’m always saying it seems like not a day goes by without there being some accidental shooting in America? Well, that’s becoming more and more a reality according to a recent CDC report.

Analysis of data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) concluded that gun deaths in America are likely to surpass traffic fatalities this year. And that’s with Billy Joel on the road, too. While car deaths appear to be in decline, gun-related fatalities are on the rise.

Via The Week:

The majority of gun deaths result from suicides, accidents and incidents of domestic violence, while improved technology and tougher laws have led to fewer traffic fatalities. The Economist adds that there are nearly as many civilian firearms as the 320m people in the US.

According to a report published in the Annual Review of Public Health, guns are already deadlier than cars in 13 states, including California, Arizona and Virginia. In Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Utah gun suicides alone exceed the total number of traffic deaths.

So while we’re increasingly making our vehicles safer, we’re totally ignoring basic gun safety because that’s what Hitler would want…or some crap.

Cars are subjected to heavy regulation and frequent visits to concrete-laden labyrinths of forms and gray-faced employees in the bureaucratic hell known as the DMV, yet guns are more easily acquired than ever.

Like this 13-year old boy, who was able to purchase a gun with no problem at a gun show, even though he couldn’t get beer, adult magazines, cigarettes or lottery tickets because of his age elsewhere:

[youtube]According to the New York Times:

The only consumer product not regulated at the federal level for health and safety, in keeping with the wishes of the gun industry and compliant lawmakers.

Despite countless gun-related tragedies, particularly the gruesome events in Sandy Hook, and the fact that 91 percent of Americans supported it, Senate Republicans rejected a bill calling for basic background checks last year. And now that these Koch-snorting crazies are firmly in control of Congress, one can expect golfing outings to be more of a priority than gun safety.

H/T: The Week

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