WATCH: Texas Man Punches 79-Year-Old Black Man During Racist Version Of The ‘Knockout’ Game (VIDEO)

A Texas man will spend six years in prison for punching an elderly man in the face during a racist version of the “Knockout Game.”

Authorities recently released the video of Conrad Alvin Barrett’s brutal attack on, Roy Coleman, now 81. You can hear Barrett say that he planned to hit Coleman because he was a black man and Barrett wanted his assault to gain national attention. As the little prick drove around town looking for a victim, he said:

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The plan is to see if I were to hit a black person, would this be nationally televised.

Apparently, this sick, twisted imbecile thinks that making the news for a hate crime against an elderly man, is totally awesome.

The video shows him approaching (then-79-year-old) Coleman and asking him,”How you doin’?” Barrett then punched Coleman in the face, breaking his jaw and he screamed,”Knockout!”

Fortunately for society, prosecutors decided to charge the racist with a hate crime — he was later convicted. Federal prosecutor Ruben Perez said:

The Department of Justice is happy that we were able to get this guy off the street, because he was out there to hurt people. I hope the public would realize what this man did. It’s the callousness the egregious behavior that he, that this man exhibited against this elderly, defenseless man.

Barrett is the worst kind of coward. There is no way he would have walked up to a 30-year-old African-American man and punched him in the face. He hit an elderly man because he was an easy target. I hope he gets to see what it feels like to be knocked out while he rots in prison for the next six years.


Featured image via video screenshot

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