Ted Cruz Celebrates Endorsement From Lunatic Pastor Who Branded Oprah The ‘AntiChrist’ (VIDEO)

Ted Cruz is enjoying a bit of resurgent popularity of late; and he scored another victory with the announcement that the founder of a Kansas City church would be supporting him.

Okay, big deal. So a Christian Church is supporting a Christian theocrat. What else is new? Well, this particular church founder drinks from the same well water Cruz’s father does, and has announced in the past Oprah is apparently the forerunner for the Antichrist.

“Forerunners to the Harlot movement”

Ted Cruz has far reaching support into the Christian right, and deep connections. He was declared an “anointed king of God” by his father in a special ceremony back in 2013 (but wait, isn’t Trump anointed by God? It’s almost like God wants what these people want).

On Thursday, Ted Cruz proudly announced he had earned the support of Mike Bickle, the founder and director of IHOP, Kansas City.

Not the International House of Pancakes, sadly. No, Bickle founded the International House of Prayer, a clearly inferior business that nevertheless sees a lot of traffic because believing what people tell you is easier than trying to understand how confirmation bias works.

Bickle said of Cruz:

Our nation is in a great crisis in this hour. We need a president who will first be faithful to honor God’s Word. We need a president who will work to defend religious liberty, uphold our Constitution, keep our country safe and our economy sound, and speak truth to the nation. We have been praying for righteous leaders, and Ted Cruz is such a leader. I am enthusiastically endorsing Ted Cruz.

Bickle oversees several ministries and schools that teach students about the word of Bickle God (in all fairness, he probably can’t tell the difference, either) and lessons on what to watch for as the end of time supposedly approaches.

Yes, he’s an end-times pastor. Did you honestly expect a Texas sharpshooter like him to understand cognitive dissonance? He probably makes too much money for that.

He’s stated gay marriage is “rooted in the depths of hell,” and being gay “opens the door to the demonic realm.” He’s even accused Oprah Winfrey of being a forerunner to the Antichrist. How so? Because she’s of the “Harlot movement” that’ll seduce people with “humanitarian projects” and “acts of compassion for all the wrong reasons.”

I don’t think reasons matter when you’re being compassionate. Actions speak louder than words, but with people like Bickle, words are all they have, so they work with what they’ve got since they’re too lazy to do anything else:

I believe that one of the main pastors, as a forerunner to the Harlot movement, it’s not the Harlot movement yet, is Oprah. She is winsome, she is kind, she is reasonable, she is utterly deceived, utterly deceived. A classy woman, a cool woman, a charming woman, but has a spirit of deception and she is one of the clear pastors, forerunners to the Harlot movement.

Which translates into a whole lot of nothing.

Watch the video below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-pFcFldh8lo&w=560&h=315]

Feature image via Raw Story

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