Store Manager Punches Female Employee ‘Muhammad Ali Style’ – Police Say It Was ‘Self-Defense’ (VIDEO)

A Panera Bread employee quit mid-shift at one of their Manhattan locations. For this, she was thrown outside the store by the manager. When she came back, well, let’s just say the result wasn’t pretty.

The footage recorded at 12:30 p.m. at the Park Ave. South eatery near E. 23rd St., shows the much larger manager punching a much smaller female employee, twice. The second one landed her on the floor. Several witnesses on the scene could be heard in the background telling him not to do it – but he didn’t listen.

Surprisingly, the police aren’t pressing charges. After doing their investigation, they determined that the manager was acting in self-defense because she slapped him first.

Joe Schumacher, the person who filmed the incident, came in to have lunch but immediately got his phone out after witnessing the manager forcefully throwing her out of the store. While, that part of the ordeal wasn’t recorded, he was fortunate enough to capture footage of the assault.

She got one good slap in and I say good for f***ing her. (Him coming back at her) It was like a man hitting a child.

It would be one thing if the manager were just trying to create distance between himself after the woman had slapped him. But, he didn’t do this. There is simply no way to justify him coming back at her, not once, but for a second time and then knocking her to the floor. She did not pose a threat to him or his safety at all. At this point, he was just mad about what had happened and had lost his cool.

This parallels with the incident that just happened with former FSU quarterback, De’Andre Johnson. He was caught hitting a woman at a bar after the video appeared to show her laying a hand on him first. In this incident, though, charges were brought. What’s the difference?

Fox News had a debate on when it’s permissible to hit a woman and concluded that gender equality means that men can now hit women. Keith Ablow of Fox & Friends, thinks that if women can participate in the same sports as men then that levels the playing field for domestic disputes, as well:

Listen – if you’re saying that it’s just fine to flip a girl onto her back in a wrestling match, and pin her to the ground and take some joy in that — well then I guess if you’re in a bar and she slaps you, you punch her in the face.

Panera Bread didn’t think what this manager did was self-defense – they fired him on the spot.

Watch here:

Featured image via screen capture from YouTube.

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