Steve King: I’m Happy To Stand By My White Power Statement Because It ‘Starts A Dialogue’ (VIDEO)

Representative Steve King (IA-R) is unable to understand that what makes America great is not only white Christian people. In fact, after his shocking comments Monday, he has stated that he is totally fine with the outrage because maybe it will “open a dialogue about what actually makes America great.”

His original comments were wildly offensive:

King: I’d ask you go back through history and figure out where are these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you’re talking about? Where did any other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?

MSNBC host Chris Hayes: Than white people?

King: Than Western Civilization. It’s rooted in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the United States of America, and every place where the footprint of Christianity has settled the world. That’s all of Western Civilization.

King had become annoyed at another commenter noting that the convention was loaded with angry white people who would brook no criticism or disagreement and that demographic is on their way out. So, he proved the point by awkwardly repeating white nationalist, neo-Nazi talking points about European, Christian supremacy in civilization.

And according to him, people are blowing what he said out of context. He was just telling the truth.

It seems he is saying that if they really look, people will realize he was right, no other “subgroup” has contributed more to civilization than white European, Christians.

In a follow-up on the convention floor, King not only didn’t apologize for saying that “European Christians” are responsible for at least MORE achievements when it comes to civilization (a comment brilliantly destroyed in the above link), he doubled down.

He claims that asinine and uneducated comment was a correction that was needed. In other words, he was compelled to state the “fact” that white people are the best because they have done the most stuff for “civilization.” Because that is how he thinks. Because he believes it to be fact. Because he sees no problem with a lawmaker believing his culture is the only culture that really ever contributed.

Thanks for spelling out that your comment wasn’t accidentally racist, it was on purpose, Rep. King.

This man is clearly unable to tell the difference between what he thinks and what is true. He also seems to have NEVER attended a history class that wasn’t put on by Ken Ham and the KKK or he would know that Western Culture was typically 200-300 years BEHIND other major cultures.

He took offense to someone mentioning that the death of the fading powerhouse that is the angry white guy demographic and used it as an excuse for him to intimate that what makes America great is really only white Christians. His follow-up comments make it very clear that he thinks he was telling the truth.

Yet another example of why we can’t have that delusional group out of politics soon enough.

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