Sick White Supremacist Makes Life Living Hell For Small North Dakota Town (VIDEO)

Leith, North Dakota, population 20, was a sleepy little hamlet. That was, until, 63-year-old Craig Cobb moved into town in the Fall of 2012. Cobb, an avowed white supremacist, then went on a rampage, terrorizing the town’s citizens. Cobb’s antics are the subject of a documentary entitled, Welcome to Leith.

Craig Cobb moving into Leith, North Dakota sure changed the demographic in that town.

Mayor of the town, Ryan Schock, said that at first he felt sorry for Cobb when he first moved in, as he came without a family, and appeared “lonely.” Schock said that Cobb told him that he wanted to live in Leith, and that he might have some “friends” join him from time to time. Some friends.

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Cobb then starting posting his plans on a message board frequented by racists called the Vanguard News Network. He then started buying up property in the town, encouraging other white supremacists to follow him to Leith. Cobb eventually purchased 12-14 lots in the town.

His movement attracted national media attention, and he received support from the radical hate group, the National Socialist Movement. Hundreds of protesters were drawn to Leith, which soon became a battleground, in more ways than one.

One family eventually jointed Cobb in Leith, and he and another individual soon began roaming the streets, armed with loaded guns and cameras. In one video, Cobb is seen saying,

I’m one of the most famous racists in the world you son of a bitch.

Leith residents cowered in their homes, afraid to engage Cobb or let their children out to play for fear that any one of them could be shot. Eventually, Cobb and his friend were arrested in 2013 and charged with terrorizing and menacing their neighbors. He subsequently pleaded to one count of terrorizing and was placed on four years probation.

Since that time Cobb has moved to another tiny town, Antler, North Dakota. However, the citizens of Antler came up with a plan to block this walking POS. The town bought up all the land available for sale.

Back in Leith, residents are trying to rebuild their lives.  Schock says,

‘Cobb poses a threat every day and Cobb will pose a threat every day until he’s no longer in existence,’ Schock said. ‘There’s nothing in me that will ever trust that man.’

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