Shocking New Audio Released From 911 Call Where Police Chief Shoots His Wife In The Back ‘Accidentally’ (VIDEO)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released the 911 call involving Peachtree City’s Police Chief William McCollom where he shoots his wife, in the very early morning hours on New Years day.  The new details can perhaps shed some light on what exactly happened that fateful morning that has since left Mrs. McCollom in critical condition at the Atlanta Medical Center.

Throughout the call the Police Chief is heard trying to maintain his composure but he is obviously disoriented and confused. What is most shocking is, he doesn’t seem to know where his gun is after the incident:

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911: Where’s the gun at?

Police Chief: Uhhh, geez. I don’t know. I threw it to the side. It might be in the bed here. I don’t know.

Police Chief: You having trouble breathing, dear?

911: Alright, I want you to…you are with her now?

Police Chief: What’s that? I’m the Chief of Police. It’s a…the bed, the gun is on the dresser.

911: OK. You’re the Chief of Police in Peachtree City?

Police Chief: Yeah, unfortunately. Yes.

On the call the Police Chief can be heard telling 911 that he shot his wife twice, but strangely later reports revealed that she was only shot once by his department-issued firearm, a 9-mm Glock handgun:

911: She was shot twice accidental?

Police Chief: Yes.

911: Who shot her?

Police Chief: Me. Oh my God. How the hell did this happen?

There’s just too many questions here. Why was he sleeping with his gun? And, how does the head of police 1) forget where his gun is, and 2) not recall how many times it was actually fired? These are important questions that are currently being asked by The Georgia Bureau of Investigation. McCollom has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation and an internal review. He has not been charged with any crimes. 

Listen to the entire 911 call here:



H/T: 911 call of Police Chief shooting his wife | Featured Image: abcnews

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