‘She Has No Pants And She Is In Court’: Judge Is Beyond P*ssed Over Abuse Of Black Female Inmate (VIDEO)

Recently, Kentucky Judge Amber Wolf was shocked and disgusted to discover a black female defendant standing before her court without pants.

At first, the judge did not notice the appearance of the accused as she looked down at her notes and conversed with the defendant’s public attorney. But when Wolf glanced up, her reaction was immediate.

“Excuse me?” Judge Amber Wolf said in court. “This is outrageous. Is this for real?”

The jail spokesman, Steve Durham, told the Washington Post that the accused was wearing a gray University of Louisville t-shirt which covered a pair of yellow athletic shorts.

The public defender informed the judge that her client had been in jail for several days because she failed to complete a diversion program linked to a 2014 shoplifting charge. The attorney also told the judge that in addition to adequate clothing, her client was also denied basic hygiene products.

Am I in the ‘Twilight Zone?'” Wolf said in court. “What is happening?

The unnamed defendant stood before the judge visibly embarrassed while she tugged her shirt down self-consciously.

“I’m not trying to embarrass you. I’m very sorry,” Wolf said as she called the jail. “Can we get her something to cover up with? Anything. Anything. Anything.”

Wolf’s anger grew as she called the jail to find out why they sent a defendant into her courtroom in such a state of undress.

I have a defendant who has been in you all’s jail for three days who is standing in front of me completely pants-less. Has no pants on,” Wolf said on the phone, presumably to jail administrators. “She has requested pants for three days and has been denied pants for three day. She has no pants and she is in court. And she has also been denied feminine hygiene products. What the hell is going on?

She added: “I am holding her here until she is dressed appropriately to go back to the jail. This is outrageous.”

According to the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections, the inmates’ handbook says that “before assigning detainees to permanent inmate living areas,” the prisoners should be given clean bed linens and jumpsuits, however, it does not specify a timeframe for providing these items.

The handbook states that “inmates will receive a hygiene pack upon their assignment to a permanent housing location,” but it fails to address protocols for detainees who have yet to receive permanent placement.

Toilet paper will be distributed to inmates daily,” according to the inmates’ handbook. “Feminine products will be distributed to each female living area daily.

The judge also addressed the woman’s sentence, stating that a 75-day sentence for failing to complete a diversion program was unjust.

The fact that you’re in custody is your fault,” she told the woman, adding: “But once you were arrested, the rest of this is completely inhumane and unacceptable and I’m very sorry that you had to go through this.”

Again,” she added, “I want to extend my deepest apologies to you for the way that you’ve been treated while you’ve been in our jail. This is not normal.

The judge reduced the defendant’s sentence to time served and released her with only a $100 fine.

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It’s still amazing how conservatives declare that Black Lives Matter are whining about racial inequality that doesn’t exist within our justice system.

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