Sexist Losers Tried To Body Shame Her, They Failed — Her Response Is AWESOME! (VIDEO)

When will sexist body shamers learn that body positivity is on the rise? Last month, “dancing man” was met at a night club in the UK by Meghan Trainor and an entire host of celebrities and supporters after internet activists, in love with spreading love, donated more than $40K to show that a man having a good time shouldn’t be embarrassed by his how others perceive “perfection” or the lack of it.

Loey Lane runs a YouTube channel where she talks in-depth about plus sized women having confidence being an anomaly, and how she wants to change that. Even with the positive message she puts out, she still gets tons of hateful remarks from misogynist losers who tell her how pretty she is, but that she needs to lose weight.

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This video is her absolutely perfect response. It deserves to be shared far and wide.

Watch this woman’s response to sexist losers who try to body shame her.


Featured image via screen capture

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