Sean Hannity’s Conversation About The Paris Attacks Is A 4-Minute Fact Free Zone (VIDEO)

When it comes to making up nonsense to bolster your arguments, there’s one name that you think of first — Sean Hannity. So it should come as no surprise that Hannity has been having a grand old-time spouting BS over the Paris attacks, or that he would fill his show with guests to help him do more of that.

On November 16, Hannity led a four-minute discussion about the attacks, Muslims, and President Obama that was largely a fact-free zone. Joining him for a bunch of made-up nonsense were former NYPD officer Bo Dietl, former CIA agent Mike Baker, and pop psychologist Gina Loudon. Since nobody on the panel challenges any of the lies, we’ll debunk them one by one here.

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Loudon gets the ball rolling, by citing one of America’s biggest Islamophobes, Frank Gaffney. She takes at face value the claim, which she says comes from Gaffney, that “80 percent of the mosques that exist in America are advocating or promoting violence.” She doesn’t stop there:

This is a problem. How can we turn a blind eye to that fact?

Maybe by acting like you have a Ph.D. and actually fact checking before you go on TV?

A Georgetown University team looked into that claim, which has surfaced on Hannity’s show before, and found it to be completely untrue. They point out that the claim seems to have originated with a California Muslim cleric, who said in 1999 that he believed from personal observation that some 80 percent of American Muslims had been exposed to radical ideology. When confronted on his claim, the cleric said that he was talking about the Palestinian struggle.

The group also found out that the “studies” about the radicalization of American mosques are far from independent. In fact, two out of three studies were conducted by the same man — David Yerushelmi. Yerushelmi is associated with Pamela Geller, who probably should be given the dubious title of America’s #1 anti-Muslim hate-monger.

Hannity responds to Loudon by attacking President Obama’s plan to take in some Syrian refugees. “[Obama’s] like ‘come on in Syrian refugees,’ even though they infiltrated France,” he says, complete with hand gestures. Sorry Sean. A top European Union official says that all of the attackers who have been identified have been EU nationals. No Syrians. As for the Syrian passport allegedly found near one attacker’s body? Authorities believe it may be a fake. A British newspaper is reporting that a man arrested in Serbia was carrying a Syrian passport with the same exact details as the one found in Paris.

After some more back and forth about bringing Syrian refugees into the U.S., Hannity actually has the nerve, stupidity, chutzpah, you name it, to say this:

Some good people have a hard time grasping that these people could go into a crowded theater and start shooting innocent men, women and children. That’s just evil in our time.

Poor Sean. He seems to have conveniently forgotten that we don’t need ISIS fighters to shoot “innocent men, women and children” in U.S. theaters. We seem to have plenty of Americans who are willing to do that. Surely he’s not suggesting that keeping out Syrian refugees will prevent theater shootings. Or is he?

Hannity and Loudon agree that it is “pathological” that the president won’t use the term “radical Islam.” It’s more pathological that they choose to ignore what the president has already said about the term, which is that bringing Islam into the conversation gives ISIS a religious legitimacy they are not entitled to. The president said this last spring:

They are not religious leaders; they are terrorists. We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with people who have perverted Islam.

And there’s this, which never enters the conversation, because it was spoken by George W. Bush: “Our war is against evil, not against Islam.”

It gets worse. Loudon says,”The Democrat states will allow those refugees in, because the Democrats are wanting those votes.” That reaches for a whole new level of stupid. First of all, why would Democrats need more votes in states that are already run by Democrats? Second, does Dr. Loudon know that, despite what the GOP tries to claim, non-citizens can’t vote?

Former cop Dietl puts the cap on this fact-free conversation by saying that we need to start monitoring mosques. “We broke so many plots by eavesdropping on these radical mosques, we’ve got to do it again. And let’s stop worrying about people’s rights.”

CBS News says that Dietl’s former employer, the NYPD, set up a monitoring program some years ago. The alleged plots that the program had uncovered were listed by Congressman Peter King. But CBS says that King’s list includes plans that never actually existed, as well as those that the NYPD had little or nothing to do with disrupting.

Every time you think that Fox can’t get more fact free, they outdo themselves. There is almost literally not a single word of truth spoken in this entire segment.

Here’s the video, via Media Matters:

Featured image via Media Matters screen capture

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