Screaming ‘White Power! Fascist and Proud!’ – Anti-Muslim Racists Treated To Big Texas Sized Surprise (VIDEO)

The Houston Chronicle reports that a white supremacist hate group calling themselves “Heart of Texas” found out very quickly that the majority of Texans reject their message of hatred.

The hate group was protesting a Houston Islamic Center on Saturday, when they were confronted by a large crowd of counter-protestors standing in front of the Islamic Center shouting “Stop the hate, stop the far, Muslim people are welcome here.”

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The two sides shouted at each other from opposite sides of the street dividing the Da’wah Islamic Center. One confederate flag waving bigot was on camera shouting, “White power! Fascist and proud!”

On the Heart of Texas event page the group wrote:

Imagine Texas turning in a muslim ghetto full of mosques and ‘Islamic Knowledge’ centers. It’s gettin’ real.

The controversy arose after the Center announced the opening of its new Islamic library in April, prompting the hate group to launch a protest.

That’s right, just days after sharia law was banned in Texas. The library reportedly cost around $2.5 million. Imagine how much our tax money went to building this shrine to hatred,” the protest organizers wrote.

However, the Chronicle revealed that the library was privately funded.

Thankfully, the counter protestors outnumbered the hate group, with roughly 60 people standing in defense of their Muslim neighbors, compared to the dozen bigots on the opposite side.

We’re here to show the Muslim community that there are people of faith based and non-faith based philosophies standing in solidarity against racist bigots trying to intimidate them,” Ramon Mejia, a counter-protest organizer, toldCW39 NewsFix.


Meanwhile, the Da’wah Center director Ameer Abuhalimeh told CW39 that his center took no position and needed to put the safety first.

The Islamic Da’wah Center position is that safety and security is paramount,” he said. “Therefore, we do not support any hate rally or counter rally.

According to the Chronicle, one of the anti-Muslim protestors who said his name was Ken Reed, wore a “white lives matter” T-shirt.

This is America. We have the right to speak out and protest,” he told the paper. “We feel Texas, our great state and the United States is being threatened by the influx of Islam.

Last month white supremacist anti-Muslim protesters made the mistake of trying to hold an armed protest outside of a South Dallas Mosque. They were greeted by armed worshipers and members of the Black Panthers and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club who sent them running with their tails tucked between their legs.

While no one appeared to be armed at this protest, the counter protestors no less sent a loud and clear message.

And the fact that racists, who are most likely also Trump supporters, would target what they believed was a “publically funded” library say everything you need to know about their intelligence.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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