Sarasota Fights To Steal House From Veteran’s 90-Year-Old Widow (VIDEO)

At 90 years old, the last thing the widow of a veteran should be fearing is that she will end up homeless after living in her house for more than 70 years. But that is exactly the fear Marie Louise Sikorski must live with day in and day out. She paid her mortgage and decades worth of taxes, but that is not enough to keep the city of Sarasota from fighting tooth and nail to steal her home out from under her.

Miles Christianhart spends most of his days serving overseas in Asia as a registered nurse. But this summer he came home to Sarasota to spend some time visiting with his family. His mother had recently moved next door to Sikorski, as Christianhart explained in a heart-wrenching Facebook post detailing her plight.

We found out not long after that the she was in a really desperate situation. The city has been charging her $500 a day for about nine months, and another $250 a day for the past 1 1/2 years for a broken fence, debris on the property, some rotten wood panels on her house, and an AC unit that was hanging out of her wall was deemed unsafe. She gets only $1000 Social Security each month and her husband passed away 14 years ago so she has not been able to get the work done. Nor does she have any family or friends here to help her.

Chriatianhart decided he had to do what he could to help Sikorski. He put in 12 to 16 hour days for weeks, doing an estimated $25,000 worth of work himself. Other work he had professionally done and he has also spent another $10,000 trying to appease the city. The community stepped up when they heard of Sikorski’s situation and together every bit of work the city said needed to be done has been completed.

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Via Facebook

Christianhart has been fighting the city in the courts trying to come to some sort of resolution that will keep Sikorsky from being tossed out onto the streets, but the city has been unmoved. In just two weeks, Christianhart will go back overseas and Sikorsky will be left alone to fend for herself against the city that is doing everything they can to steal away her house.

Via Facebook

Via Facebook

Christianhart set up a GoFundMe account in an effort to raise the hundred and $150,000 the city is demanding she pay for a broken fence in order to keep her home. He also erected a billboard in her yard to let passersby know just what the city of Sarasota is trying to do to this 90-year-old widow.

Via video screen capture

Via video screen capture

He is hoping that by making the public aware of just what is happening, some way will be found to keep Sikorsky from becoming homeless. The situation is particularly urgent because he will be leaving so soon.

What the city of Sarasota is doing is downright disgusting. There simply are no words for this kind of greed and cruelty.

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