Rush Limbaugh: ‘Don’t Blame Republicans For ISIS, They Didn’t Exist Before Obama’ (VIDEO)

Republican Godfather, Rush Limbaugh, got into first place in the “blame Obama for everything” race on Fox News Sunday. This time, Rush was pissed that Republicans are being blamed for the creation of ISIS. He had words of not-wisdom such as this to say:

The people leading the country today… they see us as the problem, not the solution, they think that we are responsible for some of these problems. They fall back and blame George W. Bush for what’s going on. ISIS didn’t exist when Bush left office.

Right Rush, ISIS didn’t exist before Obama, even though the decade plus of war based on a known lie by Republicans caused the space for them to come into being. Clearly they are an Obama false flag, right? Idiot.

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Rush spent a great amount of time complaining about the fact that all racists and bigots happen to be Republicans, as well.

People are scared, we’ve got these refugees coming in and nobody can vet them, and yet, we’re told, ‘Don’t be a bigot, don’t be a racist, don’t be a xenophobe’ We’re none of those things.

Religious tests to be a refugee or immigrant, build a wall to keep the scary brown people out, Confederate flags on demand, if you are not Christian you hate freedom, at what point do you turn into a racist or bigot? Republicans are all of these things every day of the week.

Rush excused himself from literally ALL of the fear mongering, racism, bigotry, religious discrimination, and xenophobia by saying “Look I have friends who are Syrians, I play golf with them, they’re great people”. Of course he used the gold standard of Republican not-racism, “I’m not a racist because I have a <insert ethnicity here> friend!!!”

Not that any progressive needs further proof of the fact Republicans created ISIS, but Politifact rated Rush’s opinion as mostly false, which for Politifact is the equivalent of totally untrue. Al-Qaida in Iraq started in 2004, and it morphed eventually into ISIS. Republicans are responsible for everything happening now. Period.

Watch Rush attempt to not have an aneurysm, while blaming 70 years of Republican Middle East idiocy on Obama below:

Featured Image via Fox News Sunday screen capture

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