Road Rage Or Hate Crime? This Man Terrorizes A Mother And Her 4-Year-Old Girl (VIDEO)

A video of a man jumping out of his car and terrorizing a young mother and her 4-year-old daughter, in a road road incident in Austin, Texas has recently gone viral on social media over the last week.

Julie Nowlin, started videotaping the man on her smartphone, where he was allegedly running people off the road. He noticed what she was doing in his rear view mirror, so decided to immediately pull over in a bike lane, stopping traffic, and spew out hateful racial slurs at her, after spitting on her windshield:

Fu-k you! Black Power. White b*tch.

He then flips her off with both hands, while thrusting his fists in the air before doing some sort of victory dance back to his car. Nowlin’s daughter was in the car and was frightened by the entire incident.

Now, what’s causing alarm is not only the hateful nature of the incident, but issues of whether or not this qualifies as a hate crime. The 23-year-old offender, later identified as Rashaad Devon Ben, is black and the victim is white.

KVUE, a local news channel, ran a segment about the incident revolving around the video (below) and an interview with Nowlin and her daughter.

She said that he was driving erratically on the road, causing a huge scene among motorists and endangering peoples lives, before pulling over and blocking her path a total of 3 times:

He was crossing on the yellow stripe, driving in the bike lane, driving really close to bikers, and intimidating them until they exited and left.

After the KVUE segment first aired, several people came forward to say that had witnessed the same thing or had been on the receiving end of Ben’s road-rage antics.

This could very well just be a young punk acting like an idiot – okay, this much is obvious either way, but the fact that he brought race into the factor, raises the question:

Will a black man be charged with a hate crime? 

H/T: Tsg600 | Featured Image: YouTube screen capture

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