Right-Wing Daddy Angry School Won’t Allow Son’s Gun Photo In Yearbook — Rages On Facebook (VIDEO)

For a group of people who are sick of all the “PC outrage” the conservatives sure do cry foul A LOT.

The latest “trampling of freedom” for the “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy” loving Americans is the rejection of a Fargo North High School student’s yearbook photo. Charlie Renville is pissed as hell that his son’s photo, which shows the teen standing in front of an American flag holding a gun, will not be published in the school’s yearbook. So pissed that he is demanding that the school’s principal be fired over it.

On a Facebook post the father says:

So this is the state of freedom in our Nation today! Fargo North High school has rejected this picture for Josh’s year book . . . because in their words it promotes violence and breaks federal and state law, really!


Principal Andy Dahlen told local reporters that the photo violates school policy. Which seems like a reasonable explanation.  He says:

Well, first of all, the picture indicates, I think, it’s a semiautomatic assault rifle, something that’s not allowed with our school policy.

During a time in which our country is experiencing more mass shootings than days in a year, why is it so difficult for these people to understand the hesitance in publishing a photo like this in a school year book?

Is this kid a mass shooter? Probably not. Could a gun like that be used within a school to take out a few dozen kids? Absolutely!

WTF is wrong with these people that they can’t have just a touch of respect? Yes, we get it, your interpretation of the Constitution says you can stroke the neck of a long gun as much as you desire. Got it!

That DOESN’T mean your kid has a constitutional right to flash his gun at school. Just like his constitutional right to free speech doesn’t mean he could pose in a white hood and robe for his year book photo, either.

Watch the report via Fargo’s Valley News Live here:

Featured image via Facebook

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