Retired Cop To Use ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense As Excuse For Shooting Man In Movie Theater (VIDEO)

Curtis Reeves is a retired Tampa police captain who plans on using Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law to justify the senseless murder that left a little girl without her father and a wife without her loving husband.

The assailant and his wife were sitting behind the victim, Chad Oulsen and his wife, at a movie theater in Wesley Chapel when the husbands exchanged words. Apparently, Oulsen texting his daughter’s day care during the previews and it set the high-strung Reeves off. So he decided to shoot the victim in the chest, killing him. A bullet also grazed Mrs. Oulsen, but she survived.

The murderer’s attorney confirmed that his client will be using the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law to claim self-defense.  They claim that the video from the movie theater clearly shows  the victim as the aggressor. According to his attorney, Reeves felt his life was in danger when the victim threw popcorn at him.

WTF?  Unless you’re under the age of two, when popcorn is considered a choking hazard, you’re safe.

Reeves and his wife could’ve easily moved seats, but didn’t. Why? Because he wanted an altercation — he wanted to “show” him. Even though he’s retired he still has the typical bully with a badge mentality we see far too often.

In the video you see Reeves leave the theater and return moments later. He claims he went to complain, yet no employee was seen entering the theater with him.  In the bottom right corner, you will notice Reeves lean forward before Oulsen is seen reaching for the popcorn and throwing it at him. That’s when Reeves reached for his gun and killed the victim.

I call bullshit on his self-defense claim. Reeves leaning forward, towards Oulsen, shows that he is more likely to be the aggressor. With that being said, “Stand Your Ground” cannot be a defense when the one using it is the aggressor in the situation — at least, it’s not legally supposed to be used. Reeves also claimed that he feared for his life because he didn’t know what object Oulsen was throwing at him. Seriously? It was his popcorn, from his own lap.

Oulsen was unarmed when Reeves chose to fire his gun and now his self-defense argument is just a sad attempt to twist the law that was intended to protect people from criminals like himself.

Boom! (Drops mic)

Watch the shooting below:


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