Reporter Gets Hit With Bottle During Protests, Continues Reporting Like A Boss (VIDEOS)

Sarah Sidner, a reporter for CNN, showed her dedication on-air last night when she was hit on live TV in the head by a bottle. At first she thought it was a rock, but later, the projectile turned out to be a bottle thrown from a car. It’s unclear who threw it, or why.

Covering a burning building in the background, she actually apologizes for the slight delay while she grabbed her head and bent down, before continuing to cover the damage.

Here’s the video, courtesy of YouTube user Miguel Cazarez:

Other journalists in Ferguson had their own experiences and close calls, as well.

Here’s another CNN reporter, Chris Cuomo, fleeing as tear gas lands nearby:

And BBC reporter Aleem Maqboo also faced tear gas, as seen below:

Neither of those incidences compares to Sarah Sidner carrying on after taking a bottle to the head, though.

And the police in Ferguson have shown they have no regard for journalists, actually attacking them deliberately in instances, and harassing them constantly. That should tell you something about who wants the real stories told. Without cameras and journalists, it’s the word of cops against suspects or protesters — and we all know how that goes in a court of law.

As protests continue, it’s likely incidences like this will continue to occur. It’s good to see that there are people on scene that are ready to endure tear gas and bottles to get stories out there. The advent of social media has also allowed people from around the world to witness protests as never before, as witnesses on the ground post witness accounts, photos, and videos of the events.

I guess the measure of success will be relatively simple — in 2054, are we still going to be fighting the same fights?

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