Remember When Jon Stewart Took On The ‘War On Christmas?’ (VIDEO)

The idea that there’s a war on Christmas is nothing new. For years Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have been pushing the idea that somehow, saying “Happy Holidays” is an affront to Christianity, despite the fact that “holidays” is literally “holy days.”

Still, rich, white Bill O’Reilly would be nothing if he couldn’t complain about how he’s the victim of pretty much every change the country has gone through over the last couple of centuries.

The one change I’m having trouble getting behind is the disappearance of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show. For years, Stewart was the counter to Fox Misinformation Channel, but thank goodness for YouTube.

In 2013, Stewart took on the idea of the War on Christmas and his take on the mock hysteria over the fake culture war should have put an end to it forever. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via video screen capture 

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