‘It Was Just Instinct’: Reality Star Helps LAPD End High Speed Pursuit (VIDEO)

Leave it to L.A. to have a high speed chase foiled by a reality television star.

Recently, a suspect being pursued by police for driving a stolen BMW ended up continuing his escape on foot and skateboard after crashing the vehicle into another in traffic.

Upon jumping from the vehicle with a large skateboard in hand, it is both alarming and somewhat amusing (considering the national climate right now) to hear the news correspondent in the chopper above state:

What’s he carryin’? Is that a gun?

Perhaps he could not see the suspect as well as the camera zooming down to the scene, though.

The suspect continued his escape on foot and skateboard from there, at least until reality star Lou Pizarro of “Operation Repo” came across him.

Pizarro was not out filming or scoping for a cheap publicity stunt. It appears he just happened to be passing by at the right time. Considering this is L.A. we’re talking about here, it’s not terribly unreasonable odds for some kind of celebrity or television personality to wind up involved in a matter such as this.

As shown in the video below, Pizarro was just passing by in his trademark red pickup truck when he saw police giving chase to the suspect. Being somewhat accustomed to tension and drama, Pizarro reacted without giving the matter much thought and used his truck to obstruct the suspect’s escape down a sidewalk.

Fifty-two-year-old Pizarro stated:

It was just instinct to block the guy off and slow him down a little bit. The cops are doing their job and it’s not easy, so every little bit of help they can get from people like myself, it goes a long way.

Check out the video below:


H/T: metro.co.uk | Featured image: YouTube

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