REAL AMERICAN HERO: Ice Cream Shop Owner Sends A Bigot Packing For Harassing Muslim Women (VIDEO)

If there’s one place on earth that represents all that is good about mankind, it’s an ice cream shop. It’s one of the few places where most people walk in with a smile on their face and leave with a bigger smile.

Unfortunately, one Donald Trump zombie couldn’t even maintain a sense of decency in a place designed to bring happiness to everyone.

Malaak Ammari and Nura Takkish were enjoying a nice afternoon treat at Andrew’s Ice Cream shop in Orange, California, when a strange man started arguing with the store owner.

The man left the store but very shortly returned to deliver a parting verbal shot, however, his invective wasn’t aimed at the store’s proprietor. Instead, the man directed his hate toward the two young ladies who had previously said and did nothing to him.

The man pointed at them and said, “I don’t want them in my country.”

Fortunately, Ammari started recording the man, just as he was leaving the store and captured most of the disgusting display on her phone.

I was really hurt because I’m American. I’m just as American as anyone else,” Takkish told the station.

The video also shows the ice cream shop owner, Cynthia Ramsay, who like a good human being and true American patriot, shut down the troll’s hatred as she personally shows him the door.

Everybody should be loved and accepted. Everybody should be welcome here,” Ramsay said. “This is a community hangout.

Ramsay told the bigot to leave and returned his slimy money.

In the end, Ammari and Takkish said that their experience proved to be a positive one:

Most people are like those women so I don’t really look at it as a negative experience,” she said, of the women running the shop. “I look at it as a very positive one.

It’s no big secret that Islamaphobia in America has never been higher than it is today. And while it’s easier and more convenient for us to turn a blind eye to bigotry and allow it to go unchallenged, it also makes this world a worse place to live.

Maybe the man in the video will never change his ways, or maybe after watching this video, this man was ashamed and sought to find the better person within himself. It doesn’t matter because an ice cream shop owner in California made a world of difference for those two women.

Her actions may inspire millions that there is hope for a peaceful coexistence within out society, that we are not “at war” with any other religion or race of people. We are all one, and more importantly, we all love ice cream.

Featured image via ABC7

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