Rand Paul, Of All People, Just Thought It Wise To Criticize Hillary And Bernie’s Hair (VIDEO)

It takes some courage to be the guy with bad hair to criticize other people for their hair, but Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) seems to be that guy with a set of brass ones to mock both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

During Paul’s live-tweet extravaganza, that he truly believes people are interested in, he took some time to answer some questions while driving around. One of the questions from #RandLive was:

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Do you see any big difference between Hillary and Bernie?

Totally legitimate question to be asking one presidential candidate of other presidential candidates. However, Paul took this moment to try to be clever and responds:

Well, I’m guessing they see the same hairstylist.

Here’s the thing — what does that even mean? They have the same hairstylist? First of all, Hillary is perfectly coiffed at any given moment, because she knows, as the only female candidate on the Democratic side, she can’t give any unnecessary bait for criticism. Secondly, Bernie’s “DGAF fall as it may hair” proves he cares more about the country than his hair.

Third….dude, Rand, look in the mirror! You are the LAST person to throw out criticism of anyone’s hair. National Geographic is still in the process of classifying whatever that is on the top of your head.

Paul also said of the two candidates that they “believe government is the answer to most things, they think that taxes should be higher and there should be more regulations.” However, after the hair comment, that just seems blasé.

Paul is suffering, monumentally, in the polls, and is doing all he can to remain relevant, because let’s face it: he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell at getting the nomination.

Next time, Rand, stay away from hair jokes. It’ll be for the best.


Featured image: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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