White Supremacist Who Dreams Of ‘White Utopia’ Praises Bundy Militia

Being an ignorant white supremacist with delusions of grandeur can’t be easy, but that doesn’t stop Neo-Nazi nut job Harold Covington from spewing his own special brand of hate-filled crazy on his “Radio Free Northwest” podcast every week.

In a recent video, Covington praised the Bundy militia’s occupation of a Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Though the occupation has become little more than an armed sleepover and not the bloody revolution that anti-government loons wish it to be, Covington is encouraging white people to move to the American Northwest to help him build his vision of a “White Utopia.”

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Some of you may recognize the name Harold Covington as one of the heroes of  Dylann Roof, who opened fire in a Charleston, North Carolina church last year killing nine, citing Covington as one of his influences. In response to Dylann Roof’s mass killing spree, Covington said the shooting was “a preview of coming attractions.”  It is a grim reminder of how many extremists on the right romanticize these kinds of acts of violence and seem to want nothing more than anarchy and the complete overthrow of our government.

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I’m always amazed when I see hateful right-wing lunatics call for violent acts against everyone from minorities to the politicians they believe empower them. They then drone on about how they are the victims, and not the people they seek to oppress. For a party who constantly preaches the virtues of personally accountability, many Republicans seem quick to blame all their problems on the poor, immigrants and minorities.

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