Racist Booted From Marine Corps After Assaulting Black Woman At Trump Rally (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has made his rallies a comfortable place for racists. Minorities have been assaulted while he speaks, black people have been kicked out for no reason and on March 1, University of Louisville student Kayisha Nwanguma was violently pushed around and harassed. Unfortunately for one of Trump’s racist supporters it was all caught on video and he has now been kicked out of the Marine Corps.

Joseph Pryor was one of the angry, white imbeciles pushing the young women and shouting at her. Pryor, who was enlisted in the Corps’ delayed entry program, was so proud of assaulting a woman that he posted a picture of it, along with a news story about it, on his Facebook page.

The Marine Corps Times reported that when Col. John Bolt, Pryor’s district’s commanding officer, became aware of it he kicked the imbecile out of the program:

The Marine Corps takes situations like this seriously and does not tolerate individuals being associated with this kind of incident…The situation and Pryor’s lack of judgement are unfortunate, so in keeping with our ethos, this command decided to part ways with him. This command encourages equality across the board, and actions that deviate from our values will not be tolerated.


It is unfortunate anytime we have to discharge someone from our DEP, but in Pryor’s case, he demonstrated poor judgement in his use of social media that associates him with a racially charged altercation at a political rally. Actions that align with prejudice are not tolerated in the Marine Corps.

The sad thing is that we often come across people just like Pryor on social media sites. These people proudly call themselves members of our military and then spew hatred all over the place. It’s great that the Marine Corps responded by kicking him out, but every single bad apple should be treated the same.

Watch the video of the assault:

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