President Obama Continues Being An Awesome Dude After Leaving Servers Generous Tip (VIDEO)

President hooks servers up with a nice tip, but his Alaskan trip was all about Climate Change.

The President is known for leaving good tips to his servers. While Conservatives call it “liberal spending,” as a former bartender, I call it a nice gesture.

This week during his Alaskan trip to bring attention to Climate Change, he stopped at the Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage to grab coffee and breakfast for his crew and himself. Instead of tipping the standard 20 percent, the President paid for his $18.25 to-go order with a $50 bill and told the employees to keep the $31.75 in change.

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The Anchorage cafe will also feature presidential menu items all week like a Kale to the Chief salad and an Barakli Obamlet, reported the Huffington Post.

Obama also filmed with reality TV star Bear Grylls earlier this week, for an episode of his show, Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Obama is the first sitting President to visit the Arctic. He’s been very vocal about taking Climate Change on as President, has made several accomplishments on that issue, but still has a ways to go convincing congress to take more direct action.

A large concern for environmentalists at this point is ice melt from glaciers and Obama’s trip focused on Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska. The National Park Service’s research says the ice from the glacier has receded more than 1.25 miles over the last 200 years.

The Obama Administration released this video on Monday of this week, introducing his new plans for Climate Change ahead of his Alaska trip:


So, while it’s awesome that Obama is tipping hardworking servers large in our northern-most state, the fact that he is handling climate change more directly is even better. History will view this President kindly.

Featured Image via screen capture from the Huffington Post 

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