President Jimmy Carter Gives An Update On His Cancer Treatment — While Building A House (VIDEO)

We were all shocked to learn last summer that former president Jimmy Carter has cancer, but that diagnosis hasn’t slowed this amazing man one bit. Recently he spoke to an Associated Press reporter about how he’s feeling, and how his treatment is progressing.

In August, Carter revealed that he has melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Unlike the other skin cancers, basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma doesn’t stay in one location, but can spread to other organs. Carter told reporters that his had spread to his liver and his brain. He was immediately started on radiation for the brain tumors, and underwent surgery on his liver. He also is getting a medicine called Keytruda, which is designed to stimulate the immune system to get it to fight the cancer.

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In this brief video, President Carter gives an update on his treatment and his condition. What is perhaps the most impressive thing about it is the interview doesn’t take place in Carter’s living room, with the former president resting in an easy chair. It takes place at a Habitat For Humanity homebuilding site in Memphis, Tennessee. He tells the reporter:

I haven’t stepped back yet. I still work at the Carter Center. I still work with Habitat. We still take care of our farm. So we still have just as full a schedule. We haven’t cut back on my schedule yet.

This amazing 91-year-old man should make us all want to be better people.

Here is President Carter giving an update on his condition, via AP/YouTube:


Featured image via YouTube

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