Pregnant Woman Shot And Killed, Her Baby In Critical Condition (VIDEO)

Boyfriend Arrested For 1st Degree Murder

Daniel Joseph Steele is being held without bond in Raleigh, N.C., for the murder of his girlfriend, Kimberly Dianne Richardson. Police are not releasing any information yet about a possible motive for the shooting that has left everyone stunned. “I would never expect for him to do something like that to her, because they were having a kid and it’s just mind-blowing, and it’s definitely out of the blue,” Maria Babar, a self-described friend of the couple, told WNCN News.

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But it is what Richardson did in her final moments that gave her child a fighting chance. As she lay there, struggling to breathe, she managed to dial 911 and tell the dispatcher exactly where to find her. From WNCN:

In the 911 call, Richardson is struggling to breathe when she says, ‘Help. I’ve been shot.’

‘I’m not… ‘ she said when asked for her address. “Party City, behind Triangle Town Center mall.”

When asked for her phone number, Richardson told the dispatcher, “I can’t… I can’t talk.”

She was able to tell the dispatcher that she was outside, but what followed was nearly 43 seconds of chilling silence before she could muster enough energy to again tell the dispatcher, ‘Behind Party City.’

Another 31 seconds of silence followed before sirens could be heard in the distance.

Ms. Richardson was transported to WakeMed where she died of her injuries, but doctors were able to perform an emergency cesarean to safely deliver the baby. While there is no official word on the condition of the baby girl, Time Warner Cable News is reporting that she is in critical condition. If it were not for Richardson’s quick thinking, it is unlikely that she would have been found in time to deliver the baby.

There is not any indication at  this time that Richardson was experiencing domestic violence but the act of murdering an intimate partner is an act of domestic violence. It is important to know the warning signs of abuse and that there is help. Please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE if you are experiencing violence and don’t know what to do. Call from a safe place only.

A fundraising website that has been set up to help the family has raised nearly $8,000 so far.


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