Pope Francis Visits Prisoners, Declares ‘No Crime Deserves The Death Penalty’ (VIDEO)

Pope Francis, who was named Time’s “Person Of The Year” in 2013, is further cementing his legacy as a true humanitarian by adding a stop to his schedule at the Giuseppe Salvia Detention Center in Napoli. This came along with his declaration that “no crime deserves the death penalty.”

The facility houses approximately 1900 inmates and the 90-100 that will be dining with the Pope were chosen by raffle. Many of the prisoners are gay, transgender and infected with HIV. Like he did when he visited Muslim prisoners and women prisoners, Pope Francis plans to wash the feet of these prisoners as well.

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Pope Francis has been dogged by American “Christians” as being too liberal with his “who am I to judge?” attitude.

He ruffled feathers when he made sense about the planet and climate change too.

This interaction with prisoners that are also sinners — in the eyes of American “Christians” — will surely inspire spirited conversations amongst conservatives.

WATCH the Time video on their choice for Pope Francis as Person Of The Year:

Featured image from Irish Catholic Bishops Conference.

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