Police Charge Chef For ‘Crime’ Of Feeding The Homeless (VIDEO)

San Antonio, Texas, chef, Joan Cheever, has a calling to help those in need. She has been running a non-profit food truck, known as “The Chow Train,” to provide meals for the hungry in San Antonio for years. WOAI reports that Cheever has taken her operation to other areas to assist after disasters, and she has even appeared on The Rachel Ray Show. In short, Cheever is the embodiment of Jesus’s instruction to feed the hungry.

Cheever has been taking meals to the homeless in San Antonio’s Maverick Park, every Tuesday for the past year or so. There had never been any issues, until Tuesday, April 7. On that day, Cheever says, she was issued a ticket by police, and told that what she was doing was illegal, because she didn’t have a permit.

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According to Cheever, one officer told her that, in order to serve meals to the homeless in the park, she would need to bring her food truck. Cheever had packed the meals in “to go” containers, and brought them to the park in a pickup truck. She observes that restaurants deliver “to go” meals all the time.

Cheever tells WOAI,

One of the police officers said, ‘Ma’am, if you want to pray, go to church,’ And I said, ‘This is how I pray. When I cook this food and deliver it to the people who are less fortunate.’

Cheever faces a potential fine of $2,000. She intends to fight the fine in court, and has a court appearance scheduled for June 23.

What a country America has become, where Republicans in congress take food away from hungry people by reducing funding for programs such as food stamps, insisting that charities, not government, do such work. Then, when someone like Joan Cheever steps in to do what Republicans want, they are charged with breaking the law.

Here’s a report, from WOAI:


Image via screen capture from WOAI

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