Police Body Cams Work – This Colorado Cop Unintentionally Filmed Himself Brutally Beating A Man (VIDEO)

In the small Denver suburb of Federal Heights, a cop was caught, via his own body cam, brutally beating a suspect- and it’s not the first time this cop has been in trouble.

Federal Heights officer Mark Magness has pled guilty to attempted assault after he was caught punching a man who was in his custody in December.

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Magness began by shoving the defendant’s face into a refrigerator or something similar. The defendant tried to fight back, which sent Magness into a rage and he began punching him, despite the fact that another cop reminded Magness that he was being recorded. Then, Magness is seen tying the suspect, whose chin was bloody, to a chair and pushing his thumbs into the suspect’s eyes and temples.

In another incident in 2009, Magness broke a man’s arm over illegal fireworks. Magness pled guilty at the time to a misdemeanor charge but was able to keep his job.

Here’s the video:

Body cams are intended to protect both cops and defendants. In this case, a female police officer was attacked by a male defendant. The body cam removes any doubt about who was to blame.

Here’s the video:

I’m sure, however, that that’s little solace to Magness, who finds himself without a job after he was fired in December, reportedly after fellow officers turned him in. So, perhaps body cams are the key to breaking through the blue wall of silence.

Featured image via YouTube video screen capture.

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