Pistol-Packing Pastor Says He Has ’20 Rounds Of Pure Brutality’ For Anyone Threatening A Cop

An internet pastor with a habit of trying to make a name for himself by pouncing on controversial events and posting attention seeking Facebook rants is now proclaiming he will blow away anyone he thinks is threatening a police officer. Because f*ck that whole “thou shalt not kill” thing.

How should a man of God respond to the recent killings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge? What would Jesus do? Well, probably not this. Josh Feuerstein recently posted one of his video rants to Facebook featuring himself waving around his trusty FN Five-Seven gun, also known as a “cop killer.”

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Referring to the Black Lives Matter movement as only “the movement,” Feuerstein complained that, “we have this movement in America that is absolutely degrading the lives of good police officers.”

Today, we’ve got kids that are growing up in these different homes where the parents are not respecting police or cussing them out and callin’ ’em pigs, telling kids not to trust ’em. That’s the problem!

Then, losing hold of his tenuous grasp on reality, Feuerstein began declaring that he had “20 rounds of pure brutality” in his beloved gun and that he was ready to pump “60 rounds of pure lead” into anyone he felt was threatening a police officer. All for Jesus, of course.

I love Jesus. I love Jesus. I’m a preacher, but you know what? I also carry an FN Five-seven. Filled with 20 rounds of pure brutality right there,” he blustered. “Look. I may love Jesus but if I see you pull a gun on an officer, you want to know whose side I’m on? That’s right. I’m gonna fill you with 60 rounds of pure lead. And I guarantee you you’re gonna have lead poisoning.

He added, “Look, guys, it’s time that we as Americans, we as Christians — we’ve gotta start carrying guns.”

Watch the pistol-packing pastor make his deadly threats for Jesus here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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