Pennsylvania Mother Attempts To Sew Girl’s Mouth Shut, And That’s Just The Half Of It

Prepare to be baffled, outraged, and completely disgusted.

Rana L. Cooper of Avella, Pennsylvania, is at the center of an incredibly grisly child abuse case, the half of which is threatening to cut her 16-year-old adoptive daughter’s tongue out whenever she was angry with her, according to a criminal complaint.

She also allegedly tried to sew the poor girl’s mouth shut with a needle and thread.

Appalled? There’s more.

Imagine someone forcing you to scrape your fingernails around the inner rim of a dirty toilet bowl and eat whatever foul crud you came up with. Cooper made her daughter do that, too. If that’s not infuriating enough, Cooper also allegedly forced her daughter to eat dirty cat litter and consume half a tube of toothpaste several times.

The girl told police in an interview that she was on a “point system” where she had to earn points through household chores in order to partake in normal, everyday activities and comforts of home, such as eat, drink, and use the bathroom. Court documents state, also, that not earning enough points resulted in the girl soiling herself and lacking food and drink for days.

Physical abuse was also allegedly present in the home. Cooper is accused of biting the girl’s nose, punching her in the face, violently stuffing Q-Tips into her ears until they bled. It was also stated by police that Cooper twisted the girl’s neck, choked her to the point of blackout, and would sit on her until she couldn’t breathe.

Cooper was charged with endangering the welfare of children last week after an investigation by Washington County Child Youth Services was kicked off as a result of allegations of assault came about at the child’s school. She is also being charged with reckless endangerment and assault.

Cooper is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 6 and does not yet have a lawyer. Cooper’s 24-year-old son claims the accusations about his mother are untrue.

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